the siege of jericho

The Biblical Siege of Jericho

the siege of jerichoThe Biblical Siege of Jericho & The Ark of the Covenant

The Book Of Joshua, Chapter 6 verses 1-27, tells us that the Israelites led by Joshua crossed the Jordan river into Canaan where they laid siege to the City of Jericho.

God spoke to Joshua telling him to march round the City every day for six days with seven priests carrying rams’ horns in front of the ark of the covenant which they were to carry in procession around the City.

On the seventh day Joshua was instructed to tell the people to march round the city seven times. After which the priests were to blow the rams’ horns and the people were to give, when Joshua commanded them, a loud war cry.

And so, on the seventh day, as they had been commanded to do, after marching round Jericho for the seventh time, the priests sounded their rams’ horns, and Joshua then ordered the people to shout their war cry.

As the people shouted the walls of the city came tumbling down!

The Israelites were able to advance straight into the city completely destroying it.

This narrative illustrates how even what is thought impregnable and indestructible must yield to the victorious power of God’s intervention when sought in prayer by priests and people.


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