Siege of Jericho Mission Statement

the siege of jericho headerThe Siege of Jericho is a pro life abortion prayer crusade to stop abortion. This abortion website has been set up to globally spread the Siege campaign and to highlight truthful pro life abortion views.

Current Siege of Jericho prayer intentions (updated for 2015):-

For a conversion of heart among the organisers and staff of Birmingham UK abortion centres and abortion centres generally so that they and others may join the present movement to stop abortions world wide.

That the organisers and staff of abortion centres will know, at first hand, the distressing effects abortion has on women and the cruel death visited on the babies aborted.

We pray that these pro life abortion efforts to stop this evil in our midst will bear fruit and that the truth will dawn on everyone about the real cost of abortions to the world, to society, to the mothers, fathers and all involved in this horrific practice.


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