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Pros and Cons of Abortion

These pros and cons of abortion seek to spread the REAL TRUTH about abortion:

Pros of Abortion

The main pro for an abortion is obviously the termination of the pregnancy whether it’s at the early or the late stages the baby will not be born alive (except in rare circumstances). Hence the mother is ‘free’ of her obligations to clothe, shelter and nurture the new life.

The financial implications are great, a new child can set its parents back $20 000 or more.

So too there are social implications if the mother is unmarried, a teenager, a wife of someone else then the termination of the baby’s life can initially be a cause for relief.

However these ‘pros’ lose their ‘shine’ when you consider the price the mother often has to pay for this so called freedom.

The silent no more website is one by women, for women who have undergone the horror of an abortion on their child. The testimonies are heartfelt and poignant.

Cons of Abortion

The price a mother pays for her abortion in the risk of later infertility and miscarriages is high not to mention the 10-20% incidence of serious psychological trauma in post abortive mothers together with relationship difficulties and sleep disturbances.

I have never known a couple stay together for longer than a couple of years after they had aborted one of their children.


There are many more cons about abortion but the main one is a young life has come to an abrupt end, the ending of the life of a future president, a future prime minister, a doctor who may invent a complete cancer cure etc.

For more cons, for the truth, see Silent no More testimonies

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