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Process of Abortion

An abortion process  may appear quick and easy, but it still carries both psychological and physical risks for the women, or, should I say, victims involved!

Abortion Process Factsheet-Click Here

This factsheet is a fantastic and informative summary of an actual abortion process. In the long run, it  pays to be informed about procedures and abortion processes can be dangerous. Methods range from range from surgical abortion to chemical abortion methods and includes partial birth abortions too.

Before even considering an abortion, women should educate themselves about what abortion processes really entail ( just watch the video underneath) and also the many risks involved to them as women:

As Mary, the mother of Jesus said to a young girl in Rwanda before the genocide there: “Do not spoil your future by the wrong way of living which can weigh heavily on your future” we need to be careful about the way we live.

How we live can indeed weigh heavily on our futures.

A worldly dentist, struck by lightning and who nearly died had a powerful NDE, part of which was experiencing the judgement for those involved, in any way, in the abortion process.

The testimony here is on You Tube: Gloria Polo Testimony:


Gloria Pollo had never had an abortion (but used the coil) however, she had advised abortions for some girls. Her remorse was terrible for being involved in abortion.

Another person who experienced a NDE was Marino Restrepo (on You Tube also) and he was shocked to find himself on the way to hell though he thought he was living a good and successful life.

It’s well worth looking at these NDE’s because the truth, knowing the truth is the path to freedom and therefore to true healing. God bless x

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