Pictures of the Siege of Jericho, 2010

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the siege of jericho

The siege of jericho 2010, October 2010, in Birmingham (UK), was a very blessed time but a very sad time too. As you can see from the pictures we were very blessed with glorious sunshine all day.

We continue to pray through the year for all those involved in the abortion industry that hardened hearts may be melted through the power of prayer and sacrifice.

These pictures are poignant as we carried the ark of the covenant of the New Testament, jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, with us praying that the walls of abortion may come tumbling down both in the UK and throughout the world.

The photos above were taken on the final and seventh day of the Siege in Birmingham, UK.

The sun broke through the clouds in all its glory as we started the seventh and final prayer procession of the Siege around the abortion clinic. The sun showered golden light on us all and on our surroundings a heavenly sign we believe of the Lord’s powerful intercession to stop the terrible injustice of abortion to babies and their mothers.

At the very end of this final ‘lap’ of prayer having walked past six times previously I noticed a baby’s dummy lying in the gutter near the entrance to the centre. It was a sad and real reminder of how much we must continue to pray to the Lord to stop this evil in our societies.

A friend pointed out that the baby’s dummy was a reminder of those babies that would be born as a result of abortion being stopped throughout the world.

Please God this will be soon.

Thankyou to all those who took part in this very special and graced week and to all those who pray for the success of this prayer campaign which we invite others to make national and global.

(Please note the siege of jericho week in Birmingham, UK is in October each year. Please pray about setting up your own ‘siege week’ of seven days of prayer ~(and processions around your local abortion centre).

the siege of jericho

prayer campaign

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