march for life 2015

March for Life UK 2015

It was a very special day, a touching day, with incredible talks from the speakers.

Police estimated that around 1200 pro-lifers turned up to celebrate the theme of this year’s march, ‘Life from Conception, No exception!’

Near Birmingham’s old library, the March was met by around 150 ‘noisy’ pro-abortionists waving banners bearing the words ‘My Body, My Choice’ and slightly more puzzling slogans including swear words and they screamed angrily at us, the March sang towards them such hymns as Amazing Grace.

For next year, it’s imperative that we bring as many family and friends as possible, the Catholic Church is a ‘sleeping giant’ in the UK and if we all stand up and stand out for this disgrace in our midst then abortion will end sooner rather than later.

The speech from Obianuju Ekeocha comparing abortion to slavery was excellent, William Wilberforce wasn’t afraid and look at the change he effected in this country and throughout the world.

Gianna Jessen, who survived an abortion and gave one of the opening speeches was a powerhouse of inspiration and motivation. Here’s a talk from her below, well worth listening to…

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