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Conference for Abortionists

silent scream slideThere’s a report on a Pro Life Conference held in Medjugorje attended by Abortionist Doctors fro the Ukraine, it’s well worth the read and the results were  absolutely astounding, showing the grace of God at work in the world to overcome sin and evil in our midst.

“One doctor, named Lena, upon her return back to Kiev, found a Catholic Church and with a completely opened heart desired to listen and learn about her Jesus. She said, “I fell in love with Him.. .and I can’t be separated from Him now”.

Read every word, it will make your heart fill with joy, even to the point of tears with this miraculous witness!!

Background History

A group of 80 doctors from the Ukraine who specialised in obstetrics and gynaecology arrived in Medjugorje to begin a seven-day Celebration of Life retreat presented by Genay Samborska, president of the Pro-Life Mission in Ukraine.

Follow this link to read a report of the 2011 Conference.

2011 Pro Life Ukrainian Conference-Life After Death Report-A MUST READ!

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