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Foetal Development-Part 1

babies uid 1007567The Foetal Development Stages

One of the main abortion arguments for pro lifers is modern foetal development research findings.

Science is continually discovering just how early a foetus begins to develop in the womb, so much so, that before the foetus is three weeks old the baby’s own blood cells and vessels are forming!

This post aims to highlight in particular, the remarkable findings over the past five years or so, of the pioneering Scottish scientist Dr Stuart Campbell and his 4D foetus scans.

These 4D scans and related research provide consistent evidence that foetuses are human beings and not just inconvenient cellular ‘blobs’.

Abortion pro life crusades and arguments against abortion have therefore been greatly assisted by these research discoveries.

For example, the stages in foetal development listed below each constitute an abortion pro life argument on their own. From;

  • days 17-20 blood vessels begin to grow and the baby’s blood cells form
  • day 20 the foundation of the baby’s central nervous system is estabilished
  • 3 weeks old the baby’s heart begins to beat
  • 4-5 weeks old the foetal brain rapidly expands and ears and nose begin to develop
  • 6-7 weeks reflexes are present and the liver, kidneys and lungs form
  • 8 weeks all the major organs are estabilished in the foetus and electrical brain activity can be recorded. Everything is in place to take the child into adulthood
  • 12 weeks, unborn babies can stretch, kick and leap around, this is well before the mother can ‘feel’ their acrobatics!
  • 16 weeks the baby’s heart can pump 30 litres of blood daily!
  • 18 weeks, unborn babies can open their eyes (wrongly thought previously not to happen until 24 weeks such are the errors of developing science)
  • 26 weeks unborn babies show a range of movement typical of baby behaviour and moods, including scratching, smiling, crying, hiccuping, and sucking. This is particularly interesting because smiles (showing signs of  affection) were considered to start after six weeks of birth, not months before a foetus is born!
  • 28 weeks the baby can hear their mother’s voice and sounds outside.

What more will we learn in the future?


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