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Cost of Abortions

The cost of abortions for the mother, the father and the families involved is, in many cases beyond calculation.

Yes, there are the financial costs involved,each abortion costs $450 approx to fund,  but what of the other, hidden costs.

It’s a wise thing to consider some of the victims of abortion, victims of the exercise of ‘freedom’ and ‘choice’ that women are brainwashed into believing they deserve. 

It’s only when women discover the true cost of abortion, physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually that reality dawns on them.

Here’s the list of the main victims who bear the brunt of an abortion cost:

  • the unborn child
  • the mother and (often) the father
  • the unborn child’s brothers and sisters
  • the unborn child’s extended family
  • the boy or girl the unborn child would have married
  • the children the unborn child would have had
  • the friends who would have cherished the unborn child
  • those whom the unborn child would have served and helped in their vocation in life as a doctor, teacher, peacemaker or religious leader
  • society as a while which would have benefited from the life, talent, inspiration, gifts and wisdom and love of the unborn
  • the organisers and all engaged in the abortion industry-who are daily soiled by the blood of Abel, this blood which calls out to Heaven for justice and peace every day.

So when we think of the true cost of abortion, don’t just think about the little baby in the womb but think about what he or she would have become in life rather than in their death.

The cost of abortions is calculated not in financial dollars but in the tragic human loss to the family involved and to the human race. For a very small and often bitter downpayment in the parent’s savings bank, the benefits the unborn child would have brought to the world are lost for ever.

So when you ask about the cost of abortions, the truthful answer is, we cannot tell you.

The price is incalcuable and eternal too for each soul created is eternal.It is beyond calculation and the sorrow, grief and loss of these acts are too.

For a website on the true cost of abortions packed with true testimonials from post abortive mothers please visit, “Silent No More”. Truly this is a thought provoking and timely site for our times.


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