Cost of Abortion

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The dangers of abortion are many and the cost of abortion can be high for a post abortive mother.

Below, to make sure that women are ‘silent no more’ about the real cost for abortion in their lives we list some of the main dangers of abortion. Women call abortion a ‘choice’ but if the full facts are not known or haven’t been made known, an informed choice cannot be made.

The Dangers of Abortion

Women should be better informed of the dangers of abortion and the cost of abortions in terms of their long term physical and mental health.

In the process of ending the life of their unborn child women can be getting far more than a ‘convenient’ solution to their ‘pregnancy problem’:

Some but not all of the dangers of abortion are listed here:

1.    Abortion can lead to an increased risk of infertility and miscarriages of later pregnancies

2.    There is a far heightened risk of pelvic infections

3.    Increased risk of placenta previa in later pregnancies

4.    Surgical abortions carry the risk of serious haemorrhaging in the womb

5.    Studies report that women who’ve had abortions experience a 30% increase in mental health disorders later in life

6.    10-20% of post abortive women experience severe or persistent psychological problems due to the trauma of an abortion

7.    Sleep disorders and disturbances are common in post abortive women

8.    Several studies have identified significant relationship problems in post abortive couples

Mother Teresa poignantly said that:

“Any country that accepts abortion is the poorest of the poor” and that, “Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use violence to get what they want. That is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion”

Mother Teresa was a prophet for our times, a voice crying in the moral desert of this world to ‘see’ the truth about the affect of abortion on our societies.

Over 50 million lives have been lost in this ‘silent’ holocaust, this is the equivalent of an industrialised country having been destroyed in the name of ‘womens’ rights’.

At the same time, the rights of the unborn have been ignored and trampled upon.

And as for the mother’s ‘right’ to kill her own child I leave you with a quote from Mother Teresa:

“It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you live as you wish.”

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