Against Abortion Facts

Against Abortion Facts-The Risk to Mothers

Recent research from Dr Gregory Pike, a respected research academic at the Southern Cross Bioethics Institute in the UK gives us many against abortion facts which relate to abortion after effects on the mothers of aborted babies.

We, at this Site, seek to give truthful views on abortion that women should know and be told blatantly about the long term effects of having an abortion according to the research available.

The truth needs to be told, these against abortion facts need to be heard about how much harm mothers can do to themselves, let alone terminating the life of their unborn child.

  • Abortion can lead to an increased risk of infertility and miscarriages of later pregnancies
  • A far heightened risk of pelvic infections
  • Increased risk of placenta previa in later pregnancies
  • Surgical abortions carry the risk of serious haemorrhaging in the womb
  • Studies report that women who’ve had abortions experience a 30% increase in mental health disorders later in life
  • 10-20% of post abortive women experience severe or persistent psychological problems due to the trauma of an abortion
  • Sleep disorders and disturbances are common in post abortive women
  • Several studies have identified significant relationship problems in post abortion couples

Abortion does hurt not just physically but emotionally, psychologically and, more importantly, it spiritually damages the soul.


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