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Pro choice? 30 mins could change your life!

Warning-Decision Changing Video Below…

Could you change your mind on something as important as abortion in 25 minutes. Watch the video below and see how these young people did…it’s simple really…once the truth is presented in an effective way, people will almost naturally (in most cases) follow the truth….

It really is important that you take a look at this interesting video yourself, please watch it to the end, as it’s got some useful info at the end. I don’t endorse the website that created this or know much about it. All I know is that it’s clever and effective…

In the past, I’ve often likened abortion to the Nazi holocaust and the video below takes things a whole lot further using the analogy of Hitler and the holocaust and his treatment of the Jews to show the brainwashing of our society ‘standards’ with regard to the children in the womb.


What do you think? It’s incredible, we need to sit up and speak out for silence is a form of consent, remember what happened in Germany…

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