Abortion Poems

post abortion syndromeAbortion Poems can speak to the soul in a way that nothing else can…Here are two poems relating to abortion:

(1) “My Little One”

The first poem “My Little One” was written by Michael Healy, the brother of Brian Healy a  Siege of Jericho co-ordinator. It’s a poem that holds ‘no bars’ showing the impact of abortion on the child, the mother and society as a whole.

“My Little One” in English

“My Little One” in German

(2) “Mummy is Sorry”

This poem was written by a lay mother, Katherine, after much prayer and reflection. It encapsulates, in a touching manner, the real sorrow of a mother having lost her child to the evils of abortion, often inflicted on vulnerable women in the name of ‘freedom’ and their ‘rights’.

It is a heartfelt cry of appeal to our loving Father in Heaven for mercy and forgiveness.

“Mummy is Sorry”


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