Jesus heals the broken hearted post abortive mothers

Post Abortion Syndrome

When a woman loses her unborn child it’s a hard and painful loss and a very real grief, sometimes it can be unbearable for years or even decades later. The following video is a great introduction to post abortion trauma.

There may be a loving family network and good friends but the pain isn’t any less intense and for many women the grief continues down the years although it is a silent and hidden grief as the mother recalls how old her child would be at certain times of the year or remembers them especially at Christmas time and thanksgiving.

But what of those mothers who have aborted their children?

Jesus heals the broken hearted post abortive mothers


Often the mothers and fathers of aborted infants aren’t given any ‘space’ to mourn their loss. They ‘chose’ that path albeit with great heaviness often weighing in their hearts so there is often no pity for them.

But post abortive mothers have no memories, no funeral rites and no grave to visit, they can hardly talk about it and yet the life of the little one they lost is no more and they must take this to their grave often in silence and grief down through the years.

Emotions such as grief, emptiness, remorse, sadness and even suicidal thoughts can rise up for a woman and feelings of depression and emptiness and a yearning for the lost child can overwhelm a post abortive mother tied up with feelings of shame, guilt and the fear of punishment.

Remorse and regret can be terrible burdens to carry.

Add to this the inability to have children after an abortion (I personally know at least two women this has happened to) and a woman’s sorrow can far outweigh the ‘inconvenience’ and expense of having a little mouth to feed.

Fortunately there are many places that have recognised the needs of post abortive mothers. One place which has been very healing and instructive for many mothers in Britain and Ireland is called Rachel’s vineyard. In America there are many places including Ramah International

There are resources out there and just googling post abortion syndrome opens up a vast array of potential help and healing.

A very heartwarming website set up in response to the needs of post abortive mothers is “Silent no More” a touching website by women for women. This is the new feminism that is God inspired and God driven showing the real truth about the hurt and harm abortion causes to women.




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