Abortion After Effects, Is Abortion Safe?

Abortion After Effects-The Findings of a Pro Choice and Atheist Scientist discussed…

Here’s a startling yet informative video about abortion after effects It makes you question the assumption in these days of modern medicine that abortion is safe! Is abortion safe? When you watch this video you can consider the facts.

This video is about a study carried out by a pro choice and an atheistic scientist, hence it’s more than ‘objective’ about the subject of abortion as so many people say the pro lifers fail to be (where death is concerned it is hard to be objective).

In this thought provoking study, the researchers were led to question, is abortion safe? They studies abortion after effects and discovered that aside from ending the life of the unborn child in the room (which is what an abortion is) the abortion process itself actually carries its own dangers for the mother in the form of serious psychological trauma.

Abortion after effects researchers found meant that serious psychological trauma for 30% of the mothers was suffered and this figure could be higher not lower.

This abortion side effects video is well worth a look..

Views on abortion which are balanced need to contain these truths about abortion after effects.

Women (and their babies) need to be protected and sheltered from the spiritual harm they do to their souls but also from the abortion side effects of trauma.


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