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March for Life Birmingham 2014

The 2nd UK March for Life was held at St Chad’s Cathedral on Saturday 22nd March. With people from across the country and even further afield to support the pro-life mission, it really was a blessed day and a wonderful witness. For more pictures go to St Chad’s website Facebook Page

The Silent Scream

This video is a classic for the pro life cause of reality and truth…I dare you to sit through it and keep any pro choice views…Years ago, I watched it at secondary school; one boy fainted, another was sick. The Silent Scream film (below) was the best things they could have shown us to prepare […]

Post Abortion Grief

CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT ABORTION VICTIMS AND THEIR GRIEF With over 40 million abortions per year, world wide, clearly there is much silent, unacknowledged suffering in the community. The symptoms of the grief are manifold. And the wounding and disruption to the woman’s, men, family and societal life is enormous. The effects of abortion […]

When Does Human Life Begin?

Here’s a wonderful article off a Blog that answers the questions -when does human life begin? “But that’s not what science has told us. Science has quite clearly and decidedly proven that a new, human life begins at conception (i.e. fertilization. AKA the moment sperm and ovum meet and form an entirely new, self-directing living […]

Medjugorje Pro Life Conference-Life After Abortion

Report on the Pro Life Conference held in Medjugorje attended by Abortionist Doctors fro the Ukraine – absolutely astounding. “One doctor, named Lena, upon her return back to Kiev, found a Catholic Church and with a completely opened heart and thirst, she desired to listen and learn about her Jesus. She said, “I fell in […]