Pro choice? 30 mins could change your life!The Silent Scream-change your view of abortion forever!When Does Human Life Begin?Abortion Poems-“Mummy is Sorry”Mother Teresa’s Abortion Views

Pro choice? 30 mins could change your life!

Warning-Decision Changing Video Below… Could you change your mind on something as important as abortion in 25 minutes. Watch the video below and see how these young people did…it’s simple really…once the truth is presented in an effective way, people will almost naturally (in most cases) follow the truth…. It really is important that you […]

The Silent Scream-change your view of abortion forever!

(Warning-Please do not watch this video if you have a medical condition. This video contains graphic and very real violence to a baby in the womb) Here is one abortion video that had a massive impact on me whilst I was in school. One boy actually vomited during it, he was so shocked with the […]

When Does Human Life Begin?

Here’s a wonderful article that answers, in a fascinating way, the ultimate question-when does human life begin?   When Human Life Begin Here’s an excerpt…   “But that’s not what science has told us. Science has quite clearly and decidedly proven that a new, human life begins at conception (i.e. fertilization. AKA the moment sperm […]

Abortion Poems-“Mummy is Sorry”

  The following abortion poem “Mummy is Sorry” is beautiful, touching and healing.This poem is from a mother to her child in Heaven and was inspired during prayer to the Lord.   “Mummy is Sorry” Mummy is sorry, You weren’t planned. You weren’t meant to come into my life, just yet. I wasn’t ready for […]

Mother Teresa’s Abortion Views

Mother Teresa was a woman filled with the love of Christ and Heavenly wisdom. Jesus, her spouse, was the SOURCE and SUMMIT of Mother Teresa’s wisdom and so these views on abortion presented below echo Christ’s own words on this emotive subject in our ‘culture of death’ as Pope John Paul used to call it….. […]

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